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East Wessex MCC - Committee Meeting Minutes




Minutes of the meeting held 5 June 2021 at Ringwood Junior School



Larry Spiers             Chairman

Diane Milton             Secretary

Jim Harris

Janet Macey

Roger Milton


Damian Gallagher    Treasurer


Minutes of previous meeting

Minutes of the meeting held 14 March 2020 were accepted and signed. No other minutes were available.


Matters arising

Plugging in to power supply: Members plugging in to a school or other venue's power supply is not allowed.  On the rare occasion that a member's van battery goes flat permission may be given to plug in for the purpose of recharging the battery only, not for heating.


Chairman's Report

This committee is a caretaker committee, the function of which is to keep the club afloat until a new committee can be formed at the AGM.  The committee needs more members to join it, particularly during the holiday season, when some may be away whilst our group rallies / temporary campsites are taking place.  A list of committee members' availability will be complied and circulated.


It was agreed that we need to attract more members and visitors to our  events, which we need to advertise on the Website, in the magazine and on Facebook earlier than we have done.  We do not want to have to cancel any of our bookings through lack of interest, but there is no minimum number of vans at the moment.



Without a rally officer, some details of costings etc had not yet been obtained from booked venues.


To encourage attendance it was agreed (until a new committee is formed) to try to keep the cost to members as low as we can;  we will not use halls in the summer for this reason. Pods need to be carried by members who will be attending rallies.  


Diane to obtain costs from venues and discuss with Damian, as it is his role as Treasurer to agree rally prices with the rally officer.


Beehive Field (Bradford on Avon), now to start at 10 am;

Burnham Copse School, Tadley to start a day earlier if possible.  (NB now booked).


TCs still have to be booked by members, and rally enquiries can be made to Diane or the host.  Janet to circulate a sheet to obtain hosts and someone to do a raffle (now permitted outdoors only) for each one.


Without a rally officer to look for new venues, for next year's programme we will rebook this year's venues whenever possible.


Secretary’s Report

Current membership of the club is 162 members; since February we have had 7 new members; 16 have cancelled over the year.


AGM to be arranged in October or November, when the Treasurer is available.  Diane to liaise with Damian and then secure a venue.


Treasurer’s Report

The committee discussed Damian's summary of arrangements for handling money and paying bills during his absence.  Diane will cover as before, but another committee member may need to cover if Diane is absent.


Health and Safety

The committee discussed the COMT Safety Officer's Covid statement post May 17: All TCs to be booked; no visitors; gatherings of 30 people, outdoor raffles and coffee mornings permitted with social distancing; no pods. Use of school halls etc subject to venues' restrictions.  All committee members to keep an eye open for safety issues at rallies / TCs.


Website / Facebook / Magazine Scribe

Information to be given to Steve ([email protected]) to enable future rallies to be advertised.  Janet will update Facebook. Volunteer to act as scribe to be sought.


Any other business



Date of next meeting





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